Bus Wash

Drive-thru Systems for Bus Wash Applications

ICE Hybrid Bus Wash
  • Transit Buses
  • School Buses
  • Paratransit Buses
  • Tour Buses

Transit Systems

InterClean has three different approaches to washing transit bus fleets: totally touchless drive through, side brush with touchless front and rear wash, or the advanced wrap-around brush bus wash.

Transit fleets with bicycle racks on the front can experience damage caused by rotating brushes. Our alternative is to use the brushes for side cleaning and wash the front and back with high pressure.

School Bus System 

InterClean has replaced automatic brush wash systems at school bus garages throughout the USA. These include both moving gantry and drive through brush wash systems. Unlike rotating brushes, the Centri*Spinner system will never damage crossover mirrors, safety side signs, or rear light covers. Architects and engineers designing garages should seriously consider the liability potentially associated with using rotating brushes in school bus washing.

Dramatically reduced chassis and side panel corrosion, as well as greater maintenance accessibility through clean under carriages, are achieved through the regular use of the Centri*Spinner school bus wash system. As with all InterClean Heavy Duty Systems, they are virtually maintenance free.



Fresh Water Hybrid Bus Wash (PDF, 221.09 kB)

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