Attractive wash with value-added service

Waxing gives a shiny finish to the car surface. The wax also provides the paintwork with efficient protection against the sun’s UV rays, air-born pollutants, water, snow, sleet, sand, and gritting salt. This ensures that the paintwork stays intact, and does not fade or become oxidised even in the most demanding conditions.

Car waxing is an attractive extra feature for consumers, and one which can easily be sold to the customer together with the basic wash. With good-quality waxing it is very easy to increase the average price of washes and thereby bring in additional revenue for the service station.

Swanline Lux
Swanline Wax
Swanline Lux  polishing and foam wax provides long-term protection and adds gloss to the painted surface.   Swanline Wax is a super wax for hot, pressure and drying application, ensuring optimal drying results and shine while protecting the painted surface.    

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