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Tammermatic Swanline Heavy Duty Wash Chemicals


The cleanliness of heavy-duty vehicles is a matter of image for service providers. Cleanliness is also significant from the aspect of energy consumption, since the dirt that can accumulate on large vehicles can weigh hundreds, or even thousands of kilograms.

Tammermatic Swanline HD range includes efficient detergents and waxes for heavy-duty vehicles. Detergents may be diluted at different ratios for different applications, easily providing a shiny surface that is cost-effective for trains, buses, lorries, tank trucks, refuse vehicles, concrete-carrying vehicles, and fire engines, as well as military vehicles, tractors and earthwork machinery.

A fast wash with efficient detergents increases the operating capacity level and profitability of expensive machinery.

Swanline Acid
Swanline Alkaline
Swanline Wash
Swanline Acid is a prewash detergent for the first prewash stage of heavy-duty vehicles, one which is also suitable for prewashes on special rims and in cleaning out washbays.   Swanline Alkaline is an alkaline prewash detergent and a brush shampoo for heavy-duty vehicles. Use by spraying on top of acid prewash in a double phase prewash.   Swanline Wash is a chemical that is intended especially for regular washes and is suitable for use as a prewash detergent and as a foam that increases washing efficiency. Swanline Wash provides a clean and shiny end result while bringing visible softness to the wash.

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