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Tammermatic delivers train washer to Sweden

Tammermatic Group has delivered a RJ1016-6D train washer to Stockholm Public Transport’s (Storstockholmas Lokaltrafik AB, SL) new service depot at Södertälje. Besides representing state-of-the-art technology, the washer’s integrated water recycling system makes it environmentally friendly.


Designed for the washing of railway wagons and locomotives, the 120 meter long train wash at SL's new service depot, is capable of washing a 107-meter long train. The wash can be utilized in either  with a drive-through mode or as a roll-over wash; new X60- and X10-type trains are among the wash programs.

In drive-through washing (used mainly during the summer), the train is driven through the washing line’s two brush-equipped wash units, the 1st of which spreads the chemicals after which a 2nd unit performs the actual washing.

The intensive roll-over washing of the trains includes first an acidic and then an alkaline detergent are spraying which effectively loosens dirt on the surface. After this, the train is washed with two sliding washing units. The entire process lasts about 15 minutes (for a 107 m long unit).

The Södertälje train washer  utilizes Tammermatic’s water recycling  system  has an approximate 70% recycling degree and treats the wastwater as well. SL’s decision also was to use Tammermatic’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly washing chemicals.

To cope with any possible problem situations, the RJ1016-6D train washer is fitted with sophisticated fault diagnostics that facilitate and speed up the machine’s servicing. The machine is also linked to Tammermatic’s remote control system. Tammermatic’s servicing is monitored from Finland and if necessary, adjusting and reprogramming the functions can be done. Tammermatic also has a service network in Sweden.

“The train washing line acquired by SL represents the world’s most advanced and effective train washing technology,” says Lauri Hurme, the Tammermatic Group’s Director.  Aside from this new train wash,  theStockholm Public Transport’s buses will also be washed with systems furnished by Tammermatic.

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